Back-to-Back 2020 Style

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Back-to-Back 2020 Style

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Hello Gila River,

This years re-charter has proven to be like no other. I like to call it "The 2020 Style". However, in the mist of everything going on we need to be progressive and think long term. Have you had a chance to reunite your families? Have you had a chance to discuss future programs? Now is the time to coordinate a meeting and talk strategy. Suggestions are posted in the link provided. It is never to late to discuss the future of our Packs! When is your Back-to-Pack? If you need my assistance with coordination and contribution, please contact me ASAP.

Think future, think progress, think Back-to-Pack 2020 Style!

https://91fb461f-11f2-49b8-b94f-8fce08d ... 8a7f7b.pdf

Jessica Yiadom
District Executive-Gila River

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