The Finish Line

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The Finish Line

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Hello Gila River District!

With re-charter vastly approaching let's do are due diligence to reach the fine line! Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to FOS and re-charter. As I continue to make contact with units who have yet to meet goal, please check your inboxes for important news and updates. It is intended that we have all units re-charted by July 15, please contact Don Richards, or myself as soon as possible if you are experiencing a delay.

I look forward to growing scouting with Gila River, see everyone across the fine line!

Jessica Yiadom
District Executive-Gila River

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Re: The Finish Line

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Thanks for the update and introduction, Jessica!
Kevin Majka (mike-uh)
Gila River District Communications Team
Wipala Wiki OA Lodge Communications Team

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