August Central District Roundtable

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August Central District Roundtable

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Come to August Central District Roundtable this Thursday 8/5.

Today is the first day of the 2021 – 2022 Scouting program year. I hope you have completed your charter renewal and laid the groundwork for an impactful unit calendar filled with fun, learning, growth, and opportunities to develop character, citizenship, leadership, and fitness.

We are still holding roundtables online via Zoom. I hope conditions will allow us to add an in-person component soon, but council is not allowing most district events to be live at this time. There will be three breakouts as follows:

1. Cub Scout leaders
2. Scouts BSA leaders
3. Unit popcorn kernels and other interested parties

This year’s district popcorn kernel is Sabrina Mauch from Pack 276. She can answer your questions, tell you about new products, and show you how popcorn sales can pay for much or all of your unit’s program expenses. You can reach her at or 602-578-0747 (mobile).

The Cub Scout breakout will include information on Back to Pack events (to reengage your pack’s existing families), recruiting (to bring in new ones), fun / family events, parent orientations and more to start the year strongly.

The Scouts BSA breakout will help you gather the people, plan, and possibilities for a great Scouting year. Learn how to recruit youth and adults, create an annual plan and budget, and find resources for adult leaders to support the youth.

The room opens at 6:30 to give everybody time to join and socialize before the planned program starts at 7:00. All interested Scouters and parents are welcome. Visit the GCC calendar if you need the link. I also send an email to unit Key 3 members each month which includes the link. See you there!

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