Popcorn 2020 - Presales and Fundraising from Home!

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Popcorn 2020 - Presales and Fundraising from Home!

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Hello Scouters!

Popcorn may not kickoff until August 2nd, but if you would like to get a head start, begin fundraising while social distancing at home, or practice your sales pitch to family and friends before the big fundraiser, Scouts may start Online Direct sales as early as July 1st and continue until August 15th!

Online Direct sales will be shipped directly to the customer, meaning you do not even have to deliver popcorn or collect money; all a Scout needs to do is promote Scouting through Popcorn and collect commissions and rewards at the end of the sale!

To aid with your sale, we’ve included a guide on how to sell $1,000 worth of popcorn while social distancing, which should help you get started on your fundraising goals. Following this guide, a Scout can reasonably earn approximately $350 in commissions after only eight hours of work, that’s enough to cover a full week of fun at Geronimo, a three-day weekend for a Cub and Parent at R-C Scout Ranch, or a year of activities!
There are a few additional features you may want to know about:
  • Free Shipping Weekend – from July 3rd to 5th is Trails End free shipping weekend. All purchases your customers make will have free shipping for these three days only!
  • Double Rewards – Scouts will earn double points towards their prize rewards with online sales. Click here to see the prize sheet
    Entrepreneur Challenge – The first 200 Scouts nationwide to sell $2,500 in Online Direct sales from July 1 – August 15 will receive an additional $200 Amazon.com gift card.
  • Training - To help Scouts explore new ways of selling Online Direct and think outside the box, Scouts selling in July and August will receive exclusive access to training and webinars from experts in business, marketing, and ecommerce.
  • Better prices and availability – All Trails End popcorn products are available online, and at the same prices as they are sold in storefronts! *Chocolate products will not be delivered until after Oct. 1 to prevent melting.
  • Trails End App – The Trails End App updates on July 1, and will allow Scouts to accept credit cards, take orders for later delivery, or even arrange for Online Direct orders, allowing the product to be shipped straight to the consumer.
  • Unit Bonus – For all online sales, the Scouts’ Pack or Troop will receive an Amazon gift card with a bonus 5% of commission for sales from July 1 to August 15. This should help the unit with organizing a great kickoff or providing bonus rewards for the Scouts! The unit must be registered by August 1 to qualify.

All early sales will count towards sales incentives, such as the Amazon Gift Card prizes and $125 credit towards any Grand Canyon Council camp for Scouts who sell more than $1,500 worth of popcorn. Click here to find out more about the camp incentive.

If you would like to set up an account and get ready for this year’s sale, parents and scouts should visit https://www.trails-end.com/registration.

We look forward to this year’s sale! If you have any questions, please ask your Pack or Troop’s popcorn Kernel, visit www.grandcanyonbsa.org/popcorn, or contact matthew.graham@scouting.org.
Program Director
Grand Canyon Council

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